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Preserved traditional baking methods

Baked fresh means nothing if something isn’t MADE fresh as well, and how many bakeries can claim that their breads are made from scratch? At Kramarczuk’s we pride ourselves in making all of our breads and sweet breads according to our founding baker’s traditional, time-tested methods.

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We specialize in East European pastries and desserts such as Kolachi, Napoleonka custard, Poppyseed bread (Makowiec) and walnut bread (Potica). Everything is made from scratch according to authentic recipes. We also sell freshly ground poppyseed, a difficult to find ingredient! 


Cakes and Tortes

Co-founder Anna Kramarczuk took great pride in her torte baking skills. We continue this tradition and also offer traditional American-style cheesecake with various fruit toppings.