Wild Game Processing

If you enjoy hunting and eating wild game and you take care to trim your meat properly, bring it to Kramarczuk’s, we can make it into a delicious sausage of your choice. Please note: we are not able to accept whole animals or any meat with bones, trimmed meat only. 

We mix your wild game with high grade pork to ensure freshness and quality.  A minimum of 25 pounds is required to make a batch of sausage. We specialize in venison but have also processed boar, bear, goose, duck, pheasant, elk, moose and antelope. If the meat is fresh or frozen and properly trimmed, we can process it into sausage.  The mixture is fifty-fifty wild game and pork.  We make the following varieties: Beer Sticks, Polish, Bratwurst, Italian, and Summer Sausage (a customer favorite!). Please inquire about other varieties.